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I am an avid bourbon fan, and finding pleasure in the taste of EH Taylor Small Batch is something I relish. This bourbon, a product of Kentucky’s Buffalo Trace Distillery, exhibits distinct flavors that do an excellent job in paying tribute to Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr. With a strong 50% alcohol content, this drink offers a rich blend of raisin, floral, and spice nuances, accompanied by a sweet corn, orange, and starfruit palate. The experience of savoring EH Taylor Small Batch is indeed a joy, making this exceptional bourbon worth every penny of its $40 price.

Overview of Buffalo Trace Wheated Mash

For those who have a passion for bourbon, the Buffalo Trace distillery stands out due to its unique use of the celebrated Mash #1 in their bourbon production. This particular mixture, thought to consist of 75% corn, 10% rye, and 15% barley, is a critical component of many of their bourbons, including the well-known EH Taylor Small Batch. It’s the Mash #1 that imparts the bourbon with its appealing sweet corn and pumpernickel bread flavors, providing complexity to its aromatic profile. The employment of Mash #1 demonstrates Buffalo Trace’s dedication to maintaining tradition and ensuring excellence. The process isn’t just about producing bourbon; it’s about creating a narrative and building a legacy. Every bourbon lover, in tasting this smooth, amber drink, becomes a part of this ongoing story.

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Smell of Buffalo Trace Wheated Mash

The scent of Buffalo Trace wheated mash is genuinely engaging, offering an intoxicating mix of fragrances that are intricate yet delightful. A fine balance of sweetness and warmth defines this exceptional bourbon’s character.

For the more pronounced aromas:

  • A mild caramel undertone can be detected, reminiscent of a freshly prepared dessert.
  • A hint of vanilla provides a comforting familiarity, stirring memories of the past.

For the more profound aromas:

  • The scent carries a sturdy oak undertone, which provides a profound depth to the other flavors.
  • A gentle hint of spice stirs the senses, suggesting the complexity that awaits.

The assortment of these aromas generates a welcoming environment, coaxing one to enjoy each sip.

Buffalo Trace Wheated Mash Taste and aftertaste

So, what’s the flavor and aftertaste of Buffalo Trace wheated mash? The palate experiences an immediate softness, indicating its identity as a wheated bourbon. Bright, fruity notes of apple and cherry are prominent, enveloped in a warm, buttery caramel. The aftertaste is unexpectedly clean. The sweetness remains, but it doesn’t linger excessively. A hint of spice, a slight peppery note, contributes to a delightful complexity. The finish is satisfying, leaving a warm sensation, an ideal culmination to a balanced taste journey. This bourbon encourages you to relax, enjoy, and acknowledge the skill involved in its production. It offers a genuinely welcoming experience for both beginners and experienced bourbon enthusiasts.

Rating of Buffalo Trace Wheated Mash

My experience with Buffalo Trace’s wheated mash has left me impressed, and I believe the praise it receives is justified. This bourbon’s intricate nature, featuring multiple layers of flavor and aroma, is a true mark of its artisanal excellence. This whiskey requires and merits your attention, offering a rewarding, rich, and multifaceted drinking experience. It entices you with vivid smells of raisins, flowers, pine, and sandalwood. The subtle notes of cinnamon, caramel, and bright fruits like pears and oranges contribute to the intriguing complexity of its profile. Once tasted, it presents a harmonious blend of sweet corn, pumpernickel bread, orange, and starfruit, ending with a refreshing minty aftertaste. Priced at $40 MSRP, this exceptional bourbon presents delightful notes of fruit, vanilla, spice, and nuts, a reflection of Buffalo Trace’s exceptional skill in bourbon making.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Packaging Does EH Taylor Small Batch Come in and Why Is It Unique?

The packaging of EH Taylor Small Batch is steeped in history with a design reminiscent of the bygone era. It pays tribute to Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr. and his rich legacy. The uniqueness of the packaging lies in its representation of the bourbon’s past and the handcrafted quality it upholds, which contributes to its allure.

How Does the EH Taylor Small Batch Compare to Other Bourbons Like Stagg Jr.?

EH Taylor Small Batch, in its own unique way, stands firm against bourbons such as Stagg Jr. It comes across as softer, bearing a more floral note, yet complexity is not compromised. Although it may not deliver a deep punch like others, for its cost, it is an exceptional option.

What Are the Specific Flavors and Aromas One Can Expect From EH Taylor Small Batch?

Sampling EH Taylor Small Batch, one encounters the full-bodied scents of raisins, pine, and black pepper. On the palate, the drink reveals sweet corn, pumpernickel bread, and citrus, rounding off with a refreshing minty finish. It’s a sensorial adventure to be savored.

What Is the Alcohol Content and the Mash Composition of EH Taylor Small Batch Bourbon?

The alcohol content of EH Taylor Small Batch Bourbon stands at 50%. The mash composition is believed to include 75% corn, 15% barley, and 10% rye.

Where and How Is the EH Taylor Small Batch Bourbon Aged, and How Does This Process Impact Its Taste?

The EH Taylor Small Batch Bourbon experiences its aging process within structures over a hundred years old, constructed by E.H. Taylor. This traditional method contributes distinctive tastes such as sweet corn, pumpernickel bread, orange, and starfruit, culminating in a minty finish.

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