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I have a strong affinity for the EH Taylor line from Buffalo Trace and today, I’ll be tasting their Single Barrel variant. This bourbon features a distinctive low-rye mash, it’s bottled in bond and matured in the historic Warehouse C. Each bottle offers a unique flavor profile due to the selection of different barrels. I am eager to analyze its flavor, the aftertaste, and see how it measures against other bourbons. So, is it up to the challenge? We’ll find out together.

Overview of EH Taylor Single Barrel

We begin with a glance at EH Taylor Single Barrel, a distinguished bourbon from Buffalo Trace’s EH Taylor product line. This bourbon presents a distinct blend, with each bottle reflecting individual barrel traits. The use of low-rye mash #1, similar to that in Eagle Rare 10 and Stagg Jr., contributes to its unique taste. Its bond status, adhering to stringent legal standards for quality and aging, makes it distinctive. The bourbon is aged in Warehouse C, a legacy of Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr. himself. Each barrel is carefully selected and bottled at a robust 100 proof, leading to a flavor profile that can fluctuate from one bottle to another. EH Taylor Single Barrel exudes a feel of exclusivity and affiliation, a tribute to its intricate craftsmanship.

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Smell of EH Taylor Single Barrel

Upon my first interaction with the aroma of EH Taylor Single Barrel, a captivating and intricate blend greets me, hinting at an enjoyable tasting journey to come. The scent is welcoming, making one feel included in the exclusive circle of bourbon aficionados.

  1. A prominent note of sweet corn strikes first, an indicator of a well-made bourbon, bringing to mind a vibrant summer field awaiting a bountiful yield.
  2. The ensuing scent that wafts up is a blend of caramel and vanilla. This cozy, familiar scent urges one to draw nearer, to engage more deeply with the fragrance.
  3. At the end, a faint echo of oak intertwined with a dash of spice is detectable. These understated notes contribute an additional layer of complexity to the overall aroma.

This bourbon insists on being appreciated leisurely, not hastily. The experience it offers is not solely about the final destination, but also the journey.

EH Taylor Single Barrel Taste and aftertaste

The taste of EH Taylor Single Barrel is an intricate mix of honey sweetness, black pepper, clove, and charred oak. As you savor it, more flavors of honey, vanilla, and apricot sweetness come forward, balanced perfectly by the bitterness of orange rind. The charred oak introduces cloves, nutmeg, and a surprise element of chocolatey mint, reminiscent of a peppermint patty. The aftertaste is equally captivating. It begins with the sweetness of honey and apple, the flavor of charred wood, and a touch of grass. As the woody taste gradually fades, it leaves behind mint, cocoa powder, and a slight anise sweetness. Each sip provides a unique experience, with flavors transforming and engaging your palate, increasing anticipation for the next sip. EH Taylor Single Barrel provides a captivating taste and aftertaste experience.

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Rating of EH Taylor Single Barrel

The unique taste and lingering aftertaste of the EH Taylor Single Barrel make it an enjoyable bourbon, although it doesn’t quite blow you away. Its scents are alluring, drawing you into a sweet blend of honey and charred oak. Yet, it seems the flavors could have been a touch sweeter or maybe slightly more fruity to truly complement the inviting aroma. Also, it did not come across as remarkably superior to the less expensive EH Taylor Small Batch. The risk with single barrels is the potential for inconsistency. It’s possible there are barrels that are truly exceptional, but the one I sampled didn’t quite hit those levels. Considering the price, other bourbons such as Bookers provide a more intricate tasting experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

To fully appreciate the distinct flavors of EH Taylor Single Barrel, one might consider using a Glencairn glass. This particular glass design intensifies the bourbon’s aroma, thereby enriching the taste experience and giving you a sense of being in the expert circle.

Is the EH Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon Suitable for Cocktails or Is It Better Enjoyed Neat?

My suggestion would be to enjoy EH Taylor Single Barrel on its own to truly appreciate its distinct features. That said, its intricate flavors could also bring a touch of complexity to a cocktail. It all depends on what you personally find most satisfying.

How Does the EH Taylor Single Barrel Compare to Other Bourbons in Its Price Range?

From my experience, EH Taylor Single Barrel stands up well to other bourbons in its price bracket. Although not as multifaceted as Bookers, the distinctive taste and superior craftsmanship of EH Taylor Single Barrel make it a commendable selection for those who appreciate bourbon.

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What Food Pairings Would Best Complement the Flavor Profile of the EH Taylor Single Barrel?

My suggestion would be to try EH Taylor Single Barrel with flavorful, smoky barbecue meats or intense dark chocolate. The bourbon’s sweet, peppery notes work well with these food items, bringing about a balanced and tasteful experience.

Where Can the EH Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon Be Purchased and Does It Have a Limited Distribution?

EH Taylor Single Barrel bourbon might be found at a number of chosen liquor stores or on online platforms. However, bear in mind that its distribution is somewhat restricted, which might make it challenging to locate. This certainly adds an element of intrigue, wouldn’t you agree?

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