eh taylor single barrel bourbon review

I’m here again to focus on the much-discussed EH Taylor Single Barrel bourbon. Since my previous review, it has gained significant attention and I’m eager to share my insights. With its strong 50% ABV and intricate flavor profile, it’s clear why this bourbon is gaining popularity. Join me as we examine the subtleties of this fascinating beverage, originating from the USA’s heartland. We will try to understand the allure of EH Taylor Single Barrel better.

Overview of EH Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon

My personal encounters with EH Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon reveal it to be a stand-out product from the Buffalo Trace distillery. This bourbon, unlike other mashbill #1 bourbons, has been hand-selected. It has a strong presence, being bottled at a solid 100 proof. The bourbon’s aging process takes place in ancient rickhouses constructed by Colonel Taylor himself, imbuing each sip with a touch of history. Its deep, tawny hue is a testament to its intricate flavor profile. The scents it releases are a satisfying mix of dark brown sugar, cherry, apricot, vanilla, and roasted oak, to name a few. Upon tasting, I sensed notes of caramel, orange, vanilla, and a grounded, roasty oak. This bourbon welcomes you, creating a sense of camaraderie with each sip.

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Smell of EH Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon

On opening the EH Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon, one is met with potent, alluring fragrances that bring to mind the atmosphere of a traditional bakery. The aroma presents a captivating mix of warm, sweet, and fruity elements, reminiscent of a freshly baked pie left to cool.

  • Main Scents:
  • Hot notes of dark brown sugar and vanilla
  • Fruit-like touches of cherry and apricot
  • Intermediate Scents:
  • Toasted oak providing a grounded essence
  • Spicy traces of cinnamon and fennel
  • Final Scents:
  • Subtle tones of dried licorice and dark chocolate
    Agitating the bourbon intensifies these intricate scents, exposing a fragrance that is both powerful and sophisticated. The unique and enticing aromas of EH Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon provide a sensory pleasure even before tasting it.

EH Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon Taste and aftertaste

Upon tasting my initial sip, a beautiful mixture of caramel and orange flavors captivate my palate. The earthy oak is in harmony with vanilla notes. Continuity of flavor comes from dark, dry licorice, apple, and cherry hints that stay present throughout the experience.

Chewing invites a display of complex tastes, where caramel and vanilla take center stage. There’s a subtle hint of something savory, similar to freshly baked bread. This transitions into a sweet and earthy aftertaste, marked by honey, orange, and apricot tones. Following these flavors, a touch of dry ginseng emerges. The EH Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon provides a lingering, full-bodied taste experience, making each sip an opportunity to enjoy.

Rating of EH Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon

I must admit, the 2017 EH Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon has left a strong impression on me with its high-quality. The taste is an intriguing blend of dark, sweet, and fruity notes, complemented by a robust oaky, earthy, and spicy undertone. It truly stands out, reminding me of Blantons Takara Gold and Straight From the Barrel, yet it brings a greater depth, richness, and liveliness to the palate. Despite the excellence of this specific barrel, one must take into account the inconsistency between different barrels. The high demand and reputation of this bourbon may not always equate to its inflated price. This barrel certainly earns my praise, yet anyone considering a purchase should bear in mind the potential variability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Food Pairings Would Complement the EH Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon?

Pairing EH Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon with savory BBQ dishes, potent cheeses, or dark chocolate would be a good choice. The bold flavors of this bourbon can match the intensity of robust dishes, and its sweetness can offset the richness of opulent desserts.

How Does the Climate of the Aging Location Affect the Flavor of EH Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon?

The flavor of EH Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon is profoundly influenced by the climate of its aging location. Changes in temperature and humidity within the rickhouses contribute to the bourbon’s intricate, fruity, and earthy notes, giving each barrel its distinct character.

What Kind of Barrels Is the EH Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon Aged in and How Does This Impact the Flavor?

The EH Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon matures in select barrels housed in Warehouse C. The aging process imparts a distinct flavor to the bourbon, characterized by earthy, toasted oak notes along with caramel and vanilla hints.

Yes, EH Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon has been used in the preparation of cocktails. Its rich flavor complements drinks such as an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan. But given its exquisite taste when consumed neat, it is often reserved for sipping.

In contrast to other bourbons from Buffalo Trace, EH Taylor Single Barrel stands out for its distinct dark fruit and spice flavor profile, including a gingersnap accent. It offers a richer and more intricate taste journey.

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