eh taylor barrel proof bourbon 2020 review

Being an avid bourbon enthusiast, securing a bottle of the EH Taylor Barrel Proof 2020 was a thrilling experience for me. The distinct flavor profile of this bourbon changes every year due to its cask strength release. The 2020 version blends hints of caramel, vanilla, and fruit, bolstered by a potent 65.15% ABV. The appeal lies not only in its distinctive taste but also in its scarcity. The limited supply and high demand make acquiring a bottle akin to gaining admission into a select group.

Overview of EH Taylor Barrel Proof Bourbon 2020

As someone who appreciates bourbon, I’ve noticed that each new release of EH Taylor Barrel Proof is uniquely different and eagerly awaited. This annual product from Buffalo Trace is always exciting, with the 2020 release being no different. Presented at cask strength, this bourbon is a formidable, with a robust 65.15% ABV, adding to its intense and intricate profile. The bourbon’s aromas and flavors are constantly changing, making it stand out from other Buffalo Trace products like the Stagg Jr. Because of its high demand and scarce availability, it’s often sold at higher prices, making it a scarce find on the shelves. Despite the potential cost issue, EH Taylor Barrel Proof has a distinctive appeal that keeps me, along with many other bourbon enthusiasts, eagerly awaiting its yearly release.

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Smell of EH Taylor Barrel Proof Bourbon 2020

When you first encounter the aroma of EH Taylor Barrel Proof 2020, you are struck by a dark, earthy, and vegetal scent that distinguishes it. The complexity of this scent is intriguing, presenting an array of sensory notes that are too compelling to disregard.

  • Initial Observation:
  • The dark, earthy, vegetal aroma is immediately perceptible.
  • Underlying tones of caramel, citrus, and cherry syrup can be detected.
  • After Allowing Time:
  • The scents of roasted vanilla and licorice begin to emerge more prominently.
  • Undercurrents of wood, oak char, and herbal notes such as thyme, rosemary, and dill become apparent.

This particular bourbon appears to have a higher rye content than expected, which may be influencing these aromas. It is suggested to let the bourbon sit for a minimum of 40 minutes before tasting, to allow these robust scents to settle. Allowing it to swirl gently and rest further reveals more layers, including notes of dark honey, dried apricot, raisins, and toasted oak. This is an olfactory experience worth having.

EH Taylor Barrel Proof Bourbon 2020 Taste and aftertaste

Tasting the EH Taylor Barrel Proof Bourbon 2020, one is instantly met with a vibrant burst of flavors. Caramel, vanilla, apple, apricot, oak, cinnamon, and thyme stand out prominently. The high alcohol content, 65.15%, lends a powerful kick to each sip, intensifying the intricacy of each flavor. The bourbon has a rich, thick texture that is both oily and heated, revealing subtle hints of earthy and vegetal notes. Chewing brings out the sweetness of dark honey, dried dark berries, dates, oak, and a hint of cocoa powder. The aftertaste is a satisfying mix of sweet, earthy, and woody tones, ending with a dry sensation accompanied by a lingering sense of the alcohol’s heat and oiliness. This bourbon offers an impressive sensory experience, enticing you with an intricate symphony of flavors and leaving a memorable aftertaste.

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Rating of EH Taylor Barrel Proof Bourbon 2020

The EH Taylor Barrel Proof Bourbon 2020 is an exceptional choice for its category, thanks to its complex taste and sensory impact. The flavor profile is a mixture of caramel, vanilla, apple, and oak, which provides a delightful and challenging taste sensation. This experience is magnified by the bourbon’s high ABV of 65.15%, making every tasting moment a significant one. The scent indicates a higher rye content, which contributes to its intricacy. Despite its excellent qualities, the excessive heat might deter some people. With an approximate price tag of $80 and limited supply, I would give the EH Taylor Barrel Proof Bourbon 2020 a score of 8 out of 10. For those seeking a powerful, intense bourbon experience, this bourbon is definitely worth the hunt.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the EH Taylor Barrel Proof 2020 Compare to Previous Year Releases?

Based on my encounters, the 2020 EH Taylor Barrel Proof release certainly distinguishes itself. When you compare it to the releases of past years, the flavor profile is evidently more grounded and vegetal. This makes it a distinct and somewhat difficult bourbon to appreciate.

What Is the Best Way to Consume EH Taylor Barrel Proof 2020 to Enjoy Its Full Flavors?

For an optimal experience with EH Taylor Barrel Proof 2020, it is suggested to enjoy it neat, and let it sit in the glass for a bit. This process helps in cooling down the heat and slowly unfolds its intricate flavors and robust character, providing a supreme sipping experience.

Are There Any Food Pairings That Complement the Flavor Profile of EH Taylor Barrel Proof 2020?

The robust flavors of EH Taylor Barrel Proof 2020 are well-suited to enriching and savory meals. Possibilities include a tender steak or a soft, flavorful cheese, which can beautifully balance the earthy, sweet notes of the bourbon.

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Certainly, mixing EH Taylor Barrel Proof 2020 in cocktails can bring about an interesting twist due to its distinct and robust flavor. It could potentially stand out when used in cocktails like an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan. It’s a fun process to experiment and see what works best!

Is There Any Particular Reason Why EH Taylor Barrel Proof 2020 Has Such High Demand and Limited Availability?

I believe the high demand and scarce availability of EH Taylor Barrel Proof 2020 is a result of its distinct, robust flavor profile and its yearly release. It’s a desirable piece for bourbon collectors, leading to rapid sellouts.

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