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I have a keen interest in bourbon tasting, and Early Times Bourbon has certainly caught my attention. This exceptional bourbon, distilled in Kentucky, is a rich, export-only delicacy. It tempts the senses with its roasted aroma and undertones of caramel and spice. The flavor offers a sweet harmony of caramel, vanilla, and fine spices. This is not just any bourbon, and I am excited to present my comprehensive review. Let’s examine this fascinating drink.

Overview of Early Times Bourbon

Discussing the characteristics of Early Times Bourbon, it becomes apparent that this Kentucky Straight Bourbon, characterized by a notable yellow label, holds a distinctive position in the world of bourbon. Presumably a product meant mainly for export, it’s labeled as bourbon and straight bourbon outside the United States. The complex aroma profile features a range from caramel to roasted oak and cardamom to baked apple. The palate is treated to a harmonious composition of sweet caramel and vanilla, subtly accented by soft notes of dried apricot and a trace of licorice. Contrary to expectations, the finish shifts away from earthiness, tilting towards sweetness and oak. This particular bourbon possesses a distinct personality. When you sip Early Times, you are appreciating a fragment of bourbon heritage.

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Smell of Early Times Bourbon

Appreciating the heritage of Early Times Bourbon, one cannot help but notice its deep, roasty scent that it exudes. The aroma has a certain charm, a multifaceted blend of scents that’s both captivating and thought-provoking.

  1. Your senses are greeted by a comforting wave of caramel and roasted oak upon the initial sniff. This creates a warm and welcoming ambiance.
  2. Upon further engagement with the scent, unique fragrances such as caraway seed, cardamom, baked apple, and cinnamon become apparent. These fragrances contribute to the complexity of the scent, like a hidden secret patiently waiting to be revealed.
  3. A subtle hint of dried orange peel and toasted pumpernickel bread persist towards the end, offering a delightful closure to the sensory journey.

The scent of Early Times Bourbon is genuinely enticing, evoking a sense of familiarity that beckons you for more.

Early Times Bourbon Taste and aftertaste

Curious about the flavor profile of Early Times Bourbon? The initial taste reveals prominent caramel and vanilla notes. This sweetness is well-measured and not overly sugary. As the taste evolves, there are subtle hints of dried apricot, roasted oak, cinnamon, along with a hint of caraway seed and licorice. Contrary to the earthy aroma, the flavor leans more towards the sweetness of caramel and vanilla, supplemented by the depth of oak. The bourbon has a somewhat dark and toasted quality, complemented by an undertone of fruitiness and earthiness. The aftertaste is marked by the presence of roasted oak, caramel, vanilla, caraway seed, pumpernickel, and red apple. This bourbon holds a multitude of surprises, tempts you to unravel its intricate layers with each tasting.

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Rating of Early Times Bourbon

Having savored its diverse flavors, Early Times Bourbon unquestionably earns a solid rating. This bourbon unveils a captivating concert of aromas, from the more intense, toasted fragrances to the enticing hints of caramel, roasted oak, and caraway seed. The taste does not fall short, boasting a caramel and vanilla core beautifully complemented by hints of dried apricot and roasted oak. The palate reveals less earthiness than the nose suggests, with the caramel and vanilla sweetness claiming the spotlight. A satisfying finish ties it all together, marked by notes of roasted oak, caramel, and red apple. For its cost, this bourbon represents a commendable choice, encapsulating a harmony of sweetness, earthiness, and subtle intricacy. I would confidently award Early Times Bourbon a robust 8 out of 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Purchase Early Times Bourbon?"

The question of ‘where one can buy Early Times Bourbon’ is a common one. This particular bourbon can be bought in major liquor outlets or on internet platforms, particularly for individuals residing outside the U.S where the product is mainly exported. Please consume it with caution!

What Is the History of Early Times Bourbon and How Has It Evolved Over the Years?"

I’ve observed the progression of Early Times Bourbon from its beginnings with Brown Forman, transforming into a distinct mix of deep, toasted flavors. The way it has changed, particularly following the acquisition by Sazerac, is a clear demonstration of its ability to adapt.

Are There Any Specific Cocktail Recipes That Best Highlight the Flavors of Early Times Bourbon?"

Specific cocktails to emphasize the flavors of Early Times Bourbon? I’m unsure about specific ones, but the caramel and vanilla notes of Early Times Bourbon would certainly be accentuated in a classic Old Fashioned. The bourbon’s roasty undertones might also give a unique twist to a traditional Whiskey Sour.

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How Does Early Times Bourbon Compare to Other Bourbons in Its Price Range?"

When considering the quality of Early Times Bourbon relative to other bourbons within the same price bracket, it’s evident that it exhibits a distinctive roastiness, encompassing a harmonious blend of caramel and vanilla flavors. It provides a commendable value for its price, holding its own among its peers.

What Food Pairings Would Complement the Flavor Profile of Early Times Bourbon?"

Early Times Bourbon pairs well with flavorful, robust meats such as barbecued ribs or a succulent steak. The bourbon’s roasty, caramel nuances would also harmonize with sweet desserts, for instance, apple pie or vanilla ice cream.

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