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I have a passion for bourbon and am always on the hunt for new labels to sample. Recently, a new label caught my attention, Coopers Craft, which is a latest entrant from the creators of Jack Daniels. It pays homage to barrel-makers, known as ‘Coopers’, which intrigued me instantly. With a promise of rich flavors derived from a blend of corn, rye, and malted barley, I was eager to sample it. So, come along as we reveal the fruity, honeyed, oaky notes of this velvety bourbon that is a delight for the taste buds.

Overview of Cooper’s Craft Straight Bourbon

Coopers Craft, an emerging brand from Brown Forman, is a bourbon that genuinely respects the skills of their in-house barrel-makers, also recognized as Coopers. This bourbon undergoes a charcoal filtering process using beech and birch, a technique that gives it a smooth and notable taste. This Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, with an alcohol content of 41.1%, commends the proficiency of the Coopers. The blend, consisting of 75% corn, 15% rye, and 10% malted barley, offers an intriguing flavor profile. Aged for at least four years, this bourbon, priced between $20-30, extends an invitation to belong in a tradition of fine, skillfully crafted bourbon.

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Smell of Cooper’s Craft Straight Bourbon

Upon unsealing the bottle, I am welcomed by the soft fragrance of honey, mint, and grain that is a signature of Cooper’s Craft Straight Bourbon. This initial aroma is soothing and welcoming, reminiscent of a cozy kitchen during a crisp fall day. As I further experience the scent, I find more nuanced layers:

  • An unexpected hint of fruitiness, with a delightful blend of cranberries, blueberries, and apricots.
  • A faint undercurrent of charred oak providing a touch of rustic charm.
  • A slight hint of cocoa that brings a depth to the sweeter elements.
  • When swirling the bourbon, a whiff of mint and honey becomes more pronounced.
  • After a minute, the fruity notes reappear, taking me back to the richness of summer.

On observing these scents, it becomes clear that the aroma of Cooper’s Craft Straight Bourbon mirrors its intricate flavor, reflecting its meticulous creation.

Cooper’s Craft Straight Bourbon Taste and aftertaste

With the initial sip of Cooper’s Craft Straight Bourbon, a soft blend of caramel, apricots, oak, cinnamon, and a grainy hint graces the palate. The flavor is smooth, neither overwhelmingly rich nor intricate, yet delightfully satisfying. Savoring another sip reveals an increase in caramel flavor, accompanied by a hint of vanilla buttercream. The consistent presence of oak and cinnamon is joined by a spicy kick and a doughy backdrop. The aftertaste is an enchanting progression that starts with an oaky flavor, subtly infused with honey and mint. This transitions into a gentle floral, grassy sweetness, punctuated by fruity berry accents. This lingering high note is a tribute to the expert craftsmanship behind this bourbon. It transcends the realm of a simple drink to become an experiential event, symbolizing shared camaraderie in a glass.

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Rating of Cooper’s Craft Straight Bourbon

Based on my experience with Cooper’s Craft Straight Bourbon, it garners a respectable rating. The distinct flavor, a testament to the skill of Brown Forman’s barrel-makers, marries subtle honey, caramel, and an unexpected fruity twist. Its aroma, an agreeable mix of mint, grain, and unusual fruit notes, bolsters its standing. Although not overly intricate, it presents an intriguing and pleasant tasting experience. However, it doesn’t quite match some other bourbons within the same price bracket. Considering its strengths and weaknesses, a rating of 7 out of 10 seems fitting. It makes a commendable choice for those new to bourbon or experienced drinkers in search of a smooth, flavorful alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is the Process of Making Coopers Craft Different From Other Brown Forman Brands?

Cooper’s Craft is distinguishable among Brown Forman brands due to its tribute to their in-house barrel-makers. The brand utilizes a distinct charcoal filtering method using beech and birch, which leads to a unique, smooth flavor profile, setting it apart from the rest.

Are There Any Specialty or Limited Editions of Coopers Craft Available?

At present, there doesn’t seem to be any specialty or limited editions of Cooper’s Craft. Their primary focus rests upon their signature bourbon, which has been received quite well. Future releases, however, remain a mystery.

What Is the Best Way to Enjoy Coopers Craft Straight Bourbon?

The optimal way to appreciate Cooper’s Craft straight bourbon is either neat or with ice. Its smoothness and rich flavors are best experienced slowly. This method gives prominence to the distinct notes of honey, mint, and fruit that are present in the bourbon.

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Can You Provide Some Cocktail Recipes That Pair Well With Coopers Craft?

Indeed, cocktails that complement Coopers Craft are at your disposal! You might want to try the timeless Old Fashioned or shake things up with a Bourbon Sour. The smooth and rich character of Coopers Craft harmonizes well with both straightforward and intricate ingredients.

How Does the Charcoal Filtering Process Using Beech and Birch Charcoal Affect the Taste and Aroma of Coopers Craft?

Using beech and birch charcoal for filtering gives Cooper’s Craft a distinct smoothness. It adds a hint of smoky notes, improving its scent and taste characteristics. This process results in a more polished and pleasurable bourbon experience.

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