blanton's red single barrel bourbon review

I am a whiskey enthusiast, dedicated to sampling the most excellent bourbons globally. Not long ago, I came across Blanton’s Red Single Barrel Bourbon, exclusive to Japan. This aged eight-year Kentucky bourbon promises an unparalleled tasting experience. It presents a mix of flavors from honey, fennel, and vanilla to caramel, dried cherry, and licorice. This bourbon provides a captivating journey for your palate. Join me in getting to know this golden elixir better.

Overview of Blanton’s Red Single Barrel Bourbon

Blanton’s Red Single Barrel Bourbon, an exclusive to Japan, is a sought-after choice for bourbon enthusiasts, including myself. This bourbon, produced by the renowned Buffalo Trace Distillery, is crafted from Mash #2, speculated to contain 15% rye. The distinct russet color implies an aging period close to eight years. Although the cost might seem high, considering its quality, it is justified, especially when purchased outside Japan. It’s worth noting that Ancient Age, not Buffalo Trace, owns this bourbon, giving it an extra touch of rarity. The label on the bottle boldly proclaims it as ‘the finest bourbon in the world’, a statement that prompts me to explore its flavors more.

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The initial scent of this exclusive bourbon provides a complex mix of herbal notes, honey, and a sweet hint of vanilla. This aroma is robust and welcoming, marking the distinctive quality of this Japan-exclusive release. As I further analyze the scent, I pick up more nuanced tones: a deeper, muskier fragrance similar to roasted oak and tobacco, and the fiery zing of ginseng, cinnamon, and clove. Balancing the bouquet, the sweetness of dried fruits, specifically cherry, peach, and a touch of citrus, can be detected. Promising a rich and diverse tasting journey, the smell of Blanton’s Red Single Barrel Bourbon mirrors the complexity and allure of the drink itself.

Blanton’s Red Single Barrel Bourbon Taste and aftertaste

Upon taking the initial sip, a vivid burst of herbal notes, honey, and fennel is instantly noticeable, smoothly followed by a layer of vanilla. This tasting is soon joined by a darker mustiness, an indication of roasted oak, tobacco, ginseng, and an unexpected, but pleasing hint of cinnamon and clove. The presence of dried cherry and peach notes imparts an interesting complexity to the overall flavor profile. The aftertaste is dominated by a balanced, full-bodied mix of caramel, vanilla frosting, licorice, and an array of dried fruits. The finish impresses with its flavors of oak, dried ginseng, clove, honey, licorice, and a surprising hint of blueberry. Offering a distinctive, spicier profile that’s varied and rich, each sip of this bourbon becomes an experience.

Rating of Blanton’s Red Single Barrel Bourbon

Appreciating the intricate flavors of Blanton’s Red Single Barrel Bourbon, the extra layers of oak, dried ginseng, wood spices, and fruit refine the tasting experience. The bourbon’s robust, spicy profile, balanced with notes of caramel, vanilla, fennel and licorice, pleases my palate. With an ABV of 46.5%, some might perceive it as overly potent, but to me, it’s a marker of its authenticity and vigorous nature. Priced at around $80, it’s not an everyday purchase, but definitely justifiable for a special occasion or a thoughtful gift for a bourbon connoisseur. In my book, Blanton’s Red Single Barrel Bourbon earns my approval for its bold, complex flavors and the distinctiveness of being a Japan-only release. It is genuinely a delight to savor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Is the Blanton’s Red Single Barrel Bourbon Different From Other Bourbon Brands?

In my experience, Blanton’s Red Single Barrel Bourbon stands out from other bourbons with its unique, rich and spicy profile. It’s got a delightful complexity, offering herbal, fruity and woody notes that I absolutely savor.

What Food Pairings Would Complement the Taste of Blanton’s Red Single Barrel Bourbon?

I’d suggest pairing Blanton’s Red with sharp cheese or dark chocolate. Its complex flavors of honey, vanilla, and dried cherry can be wonderfully offset by the rich, bold flavors of these foods.

What Is the Process Behind the Production of Blanton’s Red Single Barrel Bourbon?

I’m not privy to all the specifics, but the process involves distilling Buffalo Trace’s Mash #2, aging for about 8 years, and choosing only the finest barrels for bottling. It’s truly an art form.

How Does the Aging Process Influence the Flavor Profile of the Blanton’s Red Single Barrel Bourbon?

The aging process greatly enhances Blanton’s Red flavor profile. It imbues rich, complex tastes like honey, fennel, vanilla, and dried fruit. The oak barrels it’s aged in also contribute to its unique, robust flavor.

Where Can I Buy Blanton’s Red Single Barrel Bourbon Outside of Japan?

Finding Blanton’s Red Single Barrel Bourbon outside of Japan can be tricky. It’s often sold in specialty liquor stores or online, but availability and pricing vary greatly. I’d recommend checking trusted international liquor websites.

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